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APN Performance Testing is an independent testing services provider. We add value by helping you choose the correct tests reflecting your business needs, arrange testing and interpret test results. We welcome your product development, technical and quality related queries. 

Our core expertise lies in the fields of materials science and engineering including textiles, clothing, footwear and allied products. We help you select the most appropriate test regime, arrange to test your samples, and help you interpret the test results so that you can be 100% certain about the performance claims you make for your products. 

We utilise the services of select, accredited test laboratories across the globe - from Australia and New Zealand to US, UK, EU, India, Bangladesh, China and Vietnam. 

The laboratories that we work in partnership with are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005. This ensures that their work practices are independently assessed and consistency, reliability and re-producibility of test results underpin the work performed. Our laboratories regularly conduct testing to Australian/New Zealand (AS, AS/NZS), International (ISO), American (ASTM, AATCC, ANSI), British (BS) and most other test methods (EN, SATRA, NFPA etc.)


  • Textile & Apparel Testing

  • Flammability Testing

  • Leather & Footwear Testing

  • Product Development, Technical and Quality Queries

  • Letter of Opinion

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