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​Textile & Apparel Testing
  • Colour fastness testing

  • Shrinkage / Dimensional Stability Testing - Washing, Dry Cleaning

  • Care Instructions Testing

  • Wet and Cold Weather Resistance and Comfort Testing

  • Fibre Composition and Fabric Analysis Testing

  • Tensile, Tear Strength and Mechanical Testing

  • Chemical Testing - pH, Free Formaldehyde Testing and Hazardous Substance

  • Pilling and Abrasion Resistance and other Surface Appearance Testing

  • Electrostatic Testing

  • Protective Clothing Testing

  • Technical Textiles Testing

  • Customised Testing to suit specific customer needs

  • Heat Resistance

  • Thermal Protection

  • Limiting Oxygen Index

  • and many more!

Flammability testing​

  • Children's Nightwear

  • Ease of Ignition

  • Flame Spread
  • Surface Burning

leather & footwear testing
leather & footwear testing
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Turnaround Times & Fees

turnaround times and fees

We offer three different services to suit your needs - reflecting different targeted turnaround times (listed below) from receiving your sample and payment. When a test does not lend itself to these service times, we advise you accordingly.

Express Service / Premium Price Point

Standard Service / Compelling Price Point

No Rush Service / Inexpensive Price Point

To arrange testing:

1. Fill in the Test Request Form - get in touch with us if you have any questions.

2. Send it across to us on or using the contact form on our website.

3. We will come back to you with our quote and invoice.

4. To proceed with testing, please arrange to pay the invoice.

5. Send across your test sample in accordance with the instructions in your invoice.

6. Your test report will be emailed to you on completion of work, together with an interpretation of test results.

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